Looking to customize your kite?  We can help you put sponsors logos, personal artwork, or anything else you might want to add to your kite.  We utilize high performance material along with our own specialized process for application.

Price is based on the following factors: (Click on an item to view more information)

Logo Colors
Single color logos are the most cost effective and the turn around time is much faster. We can provide multiple colors, cost increases per color.
Size of the Logo
The bigger the logo the more material needed to complete the job. Larger logos will increase the cost.
Placement of Logo
Placing the logo over any bladders will cost more then placing them between the bladders. Addition work is required as the bladders will have to be removed and replaced in order to get the kite flat.
Kite Condition
We prefer to logo new kites. If the kite is not brand new there will be a cleaning fee of $50.00 added and will increase the turn around time by two days.
Number of Logos per Kite & Number of Kites with each order
We offer quantity discounts. The more we do the better price.
Art work must be vector and supplied by the customer in the form of an Illustrator file (.AI or .EPS) If not we can help with this but there will be an artwork fee added, fee would be determined by the amount of time necessary to get the artwork ready.
Discounts for Shops & Schools
We offer half off to all shops and schools; any sponsor logos are considered regular pricing.


Check out some of our samples below:     Click on picture to enlarge!


Thanks to The Man Transcend Andy, this kite is sooooo awesome. Stoked to be representing Slingshot Kites, Transcend Apparel and Swish Suits.